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Why BSI?

BSI shutters are unlike any other shutter products on the market. Conventional shutter options are generally a choice between utility-looking protection versus stylish shutters that offer no protection. BSI shutters bridge this eternal gap between function and fashion, while providing superior quality and value.

What BSI shutters are:

• A patented, superior design. You will not find better quality shutters anywhere else on the market.

• Constructed of 6063-T52 structural aluminum with a minimum wall thickness of 1/8" throughout. 

• 100% welded panels, No fasteners are used except for the attachment of hinges and locking pins.

• Supplied with mounting anchors and hardware.

• Slatted with low-profile, solid aluminum louvers. Providing a trifecta of light, ventilation and strength.

• Crafted to look like authentic wood shutters.

• Finished with AAMA2604 certified powder coating of any RAL or available custom color.

• Miami-Dade NOA & FL Building Code Certified.

Impact and pressure tested to withstand 180mph winds, making BSI shutters the strongest in the world.

• Backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

What BSI shutters are not:

• The 'cookie cutter' products that dominate the shutter market.

• A reseller of generic shutter products.  BSI is a true manufacturer of our patented & certified products.

• Assembled with fasteners. The screws and rivets used to assemble most generic shutters will loosen over time. This is why many shutters look flimsy and falling apart just after a few years. Our shutters panels are fully welded to be virtually indestructible while finished to look like beautiful authentic wood.

Slatted with hollow louvers. Conventional hollow louvers have a wider profile and made of very thin metal. They're prone to be noisy in windy conditions and are easily damaged or dented if impacted.

Dependent on additional hardware. Unlike conventional storm protection, BSI shutters do not require the use of storm bars, backing plates, corrugated panels, etc. There's no additional hardware to keep in storage and dig-out before a storm arrives.  There's no additional work to be done to prepare for a storm other than to close the shutter and lock with thumbscrews.

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