BSI manufactures the highest quality bahama & colonial shutters worldwide. Our unique shutter products are built virtually indestructible with the look of authentically-crafted wood. We truly make "The best of both worlds".

We offer a full line of custom shutters, from fixed decorative panels to the strongest hurricane impact protection.


Our Fortezza line of Bahama & Colonial shutters are Miami-Dade NOA Certified, the highest standard of hurricane protection. Indestructible quality with the beauty and function of authentic wood.


Our Neapolitan line of  Bahama & Colonial shutters are built with the same quality as the Fortezzawith more design flexibility. FL Building Code Certified, the best non-impact rated shutters available.

Architectural & Custom Applications

Our unique shutter panels can be custom made for many applications or to compliment our window shutters. Applications include: gates, enclosures, privacy partitions, shade canopies and more.