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Click here to download our powder manufacturer's RAL color catalog
Note: Color catalog is for reference only. Screens and devices display colors differently. Physical color samples are available.

Optional Hardware

We select or manufacture all standard hardware components used on our shutters. Most of these components are governed by our submitted specifications to meet building code standards. Our standard hardware is designed and tested to function together for seamless quality.
Special decorative hardware options are available from a trusted manufacturer. Please note that although we can procure these components, we cannot guarantee they will meet any building code requirements.

BSI shutters are finished with AAMA2404 certified powder coating.

This is a super durable, exterior architectural-grade finish. The AAMA2404 is a strict quality control standard of coating material, preparation and application methods, thickness, fade resistance and longevity against the elements. There are over 200 "RAL" colors to choose from. RAL is an international standard color pallet used by the architectural and powder coating industries. Custom colors and matching are available. However, it is recommended to select from the RAL color pallet to ensure color accuracy, fade resistance and warranty coverage.  

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