"Necessity is the mother of invention"

BSI was founded in 2001 by architect and professional builder, Tom Briscoe. One of his clients had hired him to build an extravagant Georgian-style colonial home. The large windows and doors were to be fitted with colonial shutters that had to be impact (hurricane) rated and look like authentic finished wood. The problem was, nothing of the sorts existed! The impact-rated shutters available were ugly and designed for utility, not aesthetics.  

Faced with this dilemma, Tom was not about to let ugly shutters spoil the look of his architectural masterpiece. He went to work using his extensive knowledge in engineering to design and build what his project needed. In the end, he had invested so much time and resources that he decided to go into the business of manufacturing his new creation.


Over 20 years later, BSI is still manufacturing the same indestructible, meticulously crafted shutters that Tom dedicated years of his life developing.

At BSI, we're serious about shutters. Our mission for two decades remains simply to build the best shutters and related products in the world. To this day, BSI continues to build the strongest, largest, most aesthetically-pleasing shutters available.

We've kept our manufacturing and base of operation in Naples, Florida. Southern Florida provides the best geographical exposure to high and low velocity hurricane zones, high-intensity solar radiation and coastal salty air. These are all factors that allow us to develop and monitor the best shutters and exterior aluminum products in the world.