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Decorative Shutter Combinations

Patent No: US 6,996,934 B2 & 7,131,480 B2
Made in the USA with USA Products

When beauty and tradition matters the most to you nothing compares to BRISCOE Decorative Shutters

Our decorative line has the comparable look of real wood with open slat design

Bring the authentic look and feel of real wood shutters to your dwelling or business that will be appreciated by all without the worry of decay or paint flaking

BSI Decorative Shutters are Florida Building Code Tested, Engineered, and Certified - Decorative Shutters Certification and Drawings (click to open), TAS 202 – Uniform Static Test Procedure; Decorative Shutters - Bahama Decorative Shutters (fixed & hinged), Colonial Decorative Shutters (fixed & hinged), Decorative Shutter Panels, Decorative Shutter Combinations (Bahama (fixed & hinged), Colonial, (fixed & hinged), and/or Panels), and Bahama and Colonial Security Shutters.  Design Pressures for our Decorative Bahama, Colonial, and Shutter Panel Systems + 84.7 psf and – 113.3 psf

BSI started selling shutters in 2002. At the time, we offered a 1-Year Warranty. Today our Hurricane and Decorative Shutter systems have a 10-year Limited Warranty (click to open). Every shutter we have sold is covered by our extended warranty.  We have never had a complaint or a repair; there is nothing that will wear out on our shutter systems.
Decorative Fixed Round Top Shutter over Hinged Decorative Shutter
Decorative Fixed Round Top Shutter over Hinged Decorative Shutter with center mullion. Top Shutter mounted to the wall and the bottom Shutter hinged from the bottom or the top shutter
We can make most shutter combinations
Fixed Bahama over Hinged Bahama
Fixed Bahama over Hinged Colonial
Fixed Bahama over Fixed Colonial
Ask & we will try to meet your needs

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