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Patent No: US 6,996,934 B2 & 7,131,480 B2

Insurance Savings

Insurance Savings with Briscoe Shutters, Bahama, Bahama over Colonial, and Colonial Hurricane Shutter Systems

Listed below is an example of savings on a property owned by Tom Briscoe, President & Inventor of Briscoe Shutter Systems

Shoreview Drive
  Shoreview Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (Click to open file)
  Shoreview Policy [2019 - 2020] (Click to open file)
  Shoreview Policy [2020 - 2021] (Click to open file)


Shoreview Drive Home, Policy 05/21/18 to 05/21/19

Wind Loss Reduction, using BSI Hurricane Shutter Systems = $3,474

Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule = $96

Total Policy Premium Including Assessments and All Surcharges = $1,811

Premium for Policy without Wind Loss Reduction & Building Coad Effectiveness = $5,381

When you factor in the Insurance Savings you receive, and the peace of mind that your structure is protected with the highest pressures & strongest Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved Hurricane Bahama, Bahama over Colonial, & Colonial Shutter Systems, your cost savings are significant!.

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