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Bahama Hurricane Shutter Installation Guide

Build-out Frame (BOF) Installation
    Note: The BOF & Shutter Leafs labeled on the top to correspond with the opening numbers.
#1 Make sure the inside opening of the BOF has the same reveals.
#2 Attach one screw to the top corner frame (outside holes 3/4" and inside holes 5/16") Fig.2 (fasteners provided)
#3 Level the frame to the opening and attach one screw to the opposite bottom corner (diagonally).
#4 Install the rest of the screws in the holes provided
#5 Install plastic plugs into holes on the BOF, Fig.1 (plastic plug) & Fig.3 (finished look)
#6 Optional - Using painters tape, tape the inside and outside of the BOF and the building structure.
  Note: Leave the same reveal continuously around the BOF and the building structure. Fig.4 (a minimum of a 1/8" caulk joint) Wet your finger to smooth out the caulk joint, forcing the caulk into any openings between the building structure and the BOF. Fig.5
#7 Check for even caulk lines; remove the tape Fig.6
Finished caulk lines should look like Fig.7
Shutter Frame Assembly
    Note: The shutter frames, labeled on the top to correspond with the BOF numbers.
#1 Install the shutter frame to the BOF with the self-tapping screws provided in the predrilled center hole on the top, Fig.8 Install the balance of the self-tapping screws in the hinge holes ( three screws per hinge ).
#2 Install the clear rubber bumpers, Fig.1, one to each bottom corner of the shutter frame Fig.9.
#3 Close the shutter frame and mark the center of the hold down tabs on the BOF & punch the centers..
#4 Drill a hole at each hold down tab center point using the 13/64” or #7 drill bit (provided).
#5 Thread the holes with the 1/4” x 20 tap, Fig.1.
#6 Close the shutter and install the 1/4" thumb screw, Fig.1 into the holes at the shutter tab & BOF.
Shutter Hold Open Rod
  #1 Remove the thumbscrews from the shutter & BOF.
#2 Push the bottom of the shutter outward.
#3 Install the hold open rod in the tab on the shutter frame and the 3/8" hole in the bottom of the BOFe (one each side of the shutter leaf).
#4 Re-install the thumb screws into the BOF, Fig.9.
Closing the Bahama Hurricane Shutter
  #1 Remove the thumbscrews from the BOF.
#2 Push outward the bottom of the shutter frame to remove the hold open rod from the shutter frame, leave the hold open rod in the BOF hole and rotate the rod towad the center of the BOF.
#3 Close the shutter and install the thumbscrews through the tabs (2 per leaf).

All components of the Briscoe Shutter Inc Hurricane Shutter Systems remain with the unit; Re-install all thumbscrews in the threaded holes either in the open or closed positions

Simplest and strongest open louver “Miami-Dade County Product Approved” Bahama Hurricane Shutter

* Installation may vary depending on the closure method

For a Printable copy of these instructions in a
PDF format click here
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